Friday, April 27, 2012

Five Question Friday

1.  Do you make your kids finish all the food on their plates?

Considering the fact that I do not have kids, I probably shouldn’t be answering this question.  But, I have worked with kids for years and I have picked up a few opinions on how I want to raise my own.  If I did have kids, I would not make them finish everything on their plates.  That being said, I also will not make my kids another meal if they refuse to eat what everyone else is having.  That may sound harsh but I am not a restaurant owner.  I will expect them to at least try what we’re having, especially if they want dessert.

2.  Do you give an allowance?

Again, the same considerations apply as #1.  If I had kids, I’m not sure if I would give an allowance.  I never had one and I was fine with that.
3.  Do you actually park your car in the garage?
Um, that’s a big fat no.  We live in an apartment building in a crowded city with no garage.  We have to park on the street.  I’ll tell you what… it is not fun to drive around for up to an hour trying to find a parking spot on the street.
4.  What is one food you will NEVER cook?
Brussel Sprouts… hands down.  The smell is repulsive and the taste is even worse.
5.  Do you have anything exciting planned for the summer?
It’s not set in stone but hopefully it will come true.  D will be gone for three weeks this summer training with the army.  I’m really hoping that I can go home for that time.  I haven’t been home in two and a half years and I would love to be able to.

Have a great weekend everybody!  There will most likely not be a post on Monday as it is moving day.  That's right, we will be moving to our new apartment down the street and it might take a few days to get back online.

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