Monday, September 26, 2011

Military Monday

I just started following this authored by Mama Nut and I have to say, I always look forward to what she has to say.  If you haven't checked out her blog, you definitely should.

Anyway, she just started doing Military Mondays.  At first I just brushed it aside because the purpose of this blog is already to document my experiences with the military.  But on second thought, I thought it would be a fun way to give me ideas to blog more than just my typical once a week.  So here goes...

Mama Nut mentioned in her Military Monday post that it is very important to do your research before you join.  This research includes figuring out your career goal and which branch is right for you.  For my husband, this wasn't very hard for him.  He thought that the Marine Corps was too intense and he never had any interest of being on a ship for long periods of time.  So the Marines and the Navy wasn't for him.  He thought it would be awesome to be an Air Force pilot.  But, his eyes were too bad.  So the Army was the way to go for him.  Since he wants to be a JAG, he joined the National Guard so he could still go to school.  He also joined the ROTC.

Since my husband is in the Army, I'm a little biased.  It is my favorite branch.  However, when my husband joined the military, I didn't know friends or family members in the military.  However, my husband's cousin just joined the Marines and I learned in my quest to learn my family history (if you want to read more about that, go here) that my mother's father was in the Navy at the tail-end of World War II.

I have met a few potential military wives who are scared and worried about what might happen.  I've been there.  I almost didn't give my husband a chance when he told me he was joining the Army.  But, the family you become a part of makes it so worth it.  I love the camaraderie that is the military family.  It is the best part (in my opinion) of the military.  No matter the branch, the military camaraderie is unmatchable.

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Mama Nut said...

Love it! I am so excited to hear every one's stories about making the "big decision", what they like about the military the best, how it's changed their lives and so on.

I am totally biased too... Go Army! Hooah! I didn't have a lot of friends in the military world either when my husband joined, but that's the best part! I get super excited when I get a great opportunity to meet new people and learn new things!

My mom's dad was in the Navy too in WWII... he was stationed at Pearl Harbor when they were hit -- makes me feel like our family is a part of history past and history in the making!