Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baby Quilt

A few days ago, as I was cleaning out my craft box, I came across a baby quilt that I had started a few years ago, before D and I were married.  My original plan was to donate it to OSSO- an organization I was a part of that sends volunteers down to Ecuador to work in orphanages- but I never finished it.  I decided to finish it and use it for Baby Girl.

I've wanted to make a quilt for Baby Girl so she can have something homemade by me but I just have not been able to find any fabric that I like enough to buy and make into a quilt.  So this is the perfect thing and it won't take as long to finish either.

I  still need to finish sewing the binding but here's what it will basically look like.  It turned out a lot bigger than I originally planned but that's ok.  She'll be able to use it longer.

I love this fabric.  I absolutely love butterflies on little girl things so this fabric is perfect.  And I love how well all the fabrics go together.  I remember spending a lot time picking out the fabric for this quilt.  Maybe subconsciously I knew that I would end up using it for my own child.


Anonymous said...

So cute! You did such a great job! I need to practice my sewing skills so I can make quilts for my future babies.

Jen said...

This is cute!! I love the fabric, great job. :)