Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First BIg Baby Purchase

D and I made our first big purchase for the baby this past weekend.  We've been collecting a few things for awhile now... an outfit here, some towels there... you know, just little things to get us excited about becoming new parents (as if we aren't already).

But on Saturday, as D was watching TV, I was looking at baby stuff online (what else is new) and I came across the stroller and car seat that we had decided on... on sale!  So, with permission from D, I bought it. 

We weren't planning on buying them this early (I'm not due until the end of June) but it was the lowest price I had found up to that point so we knew we had to jump on it.

Yesterday, they came in the mail so we had fun opening them up and trying them out.

Yeah I know I'm a dork but I had to practice on my bear.


Jen said...

It's always nice when stuff like that goes on sale. :)

Sue said...

We started buying things early and I'm so glad we did, it meant we didn't spend a ton of money all at the end! I love finding things on sale too, such a bonus :)

Shelley and Eric said...

What kind of travel system is it?

Allison said...

It's a Baby Trend Jogger. Our friends have it as well and they love it. And it has everything we both wanted so we're excited.

Taylor @ said...

Aww so
Fun and cute!

Our Little Fam said...

Love it. Love that you practiced with the bear, haha.