Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pet Peeve

Forgive me while speak my mind for a moment.  It really angers me how people don’t take the time to pick up after themselves.  A few afternoons ago, D and I went for a walk to the beach.  This is a common occurrence for us during the summer.  We like to go and sit on the dock as well as walk along the shore and stick our feet in the water.

It was a hot day so the beach was crowded.  As we arrived, I wanted to cry.  To my left, wrappers, dirty diapers, and bottles (among other trash) littered the sand.  I looked to my right and more garbage was scattered on the grass.  There were plastic bottles floating in the water.  It was disgusting.  It angered me.  People sat a short few feet away from the garbage cans and they still just threw their trash on the ground.

Now, I’m not an obsessive environmentalist.  But I do think it is important to take care of the environment.  I make sure that I clean up after myself.  I appreciate the beauty of the world around me.  It is my pet peeve that others do not have that same appreciation.  It angers me that other people don’t think it’s important to pick up their messes.

I’m not asking much.  It is not hard to walk a few extra feet to throw that bottle into the trash can.  What will become of our beaches and parks if we don’t take care of them?  I really don’t want to find out.

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