Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Next Harmon Rabb Jr.

As I’ve mentioned before, we picked up a few seasons of JAG at Target a few months ago.  We’ve had so much fun watching it and it’s probably become one of my favorite shows.  True, there are some unrealistic parts.  But the characters are loveable, the stories are intriguing and the action is exciting.

Watching D watching JAG is my favorite part.  Since the very first episode, his desire to become a JAG has increased so much.  We both know that when he is a JAG, his job won’t be packed with that much action but they always make jobs more exciting on television.  But it’s so fun to see how much enthusiasm D has for achieving his goal.

Since starting to watch the show, I’ve noticed a fun little comparison between D and the main character, Harm.  Harm did not start his military career as a lawyer.  He was once a Navy fighter pilot but because of inadequate night vision, he was grounded after he crashed his plane.  That’s when he became a JAG.  D was never a pilot.  But ever since he was a little boy, he has wanted to be a fighter pilot.  But because of his vision, he also decided to become a lawyer instead.

We have both really enjoyed watching JAG.  I can see why my dad loved it so much when I was in high school.  The drawback of having the episodes on DVDs and not watching them on TV is that we have spent a lot of time in the two months we’ve owned them watching them.  It’s hard to limit ourselves to just one.  I wonder what we’re going to do for entertainment after we’ve gone through them all…

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