Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Food Storage-MRE Style

D and I both place a lot of importance on being prepared: being prepared for natural disasters, financial crises, whatever just happens to come our way.

One way we are preparing is by building up our food storage.  We’ve got the usual non-perishable foods:

-canned soups
-canned vegetables/fruits
-Top Ramen
-Mac and Cheese
 -and much more
And much more.  But what might be a little more unusual is the half-dozen or so (and growing) of these babies:

Sometimes D comes home from drill with a few extra MREs in his bag (covered in dirt and mud, of course.)  So we, and in we I usually mean I, clean them off and stick them in our food storage box.

I guess that’s what happens when someone’s in the military.

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Linda Condie said...

We used to have some of these in our food storage!