Friday, February 10, 2012

Five Question Friday

I am really late getting to my blog post today but it’s been a busy day.  So, let’s cut the small talk, here’s this week’s Five Question Friday.  Thanks to MamaM for another great one!

1. How often do you shave your legs in the winter?
Probably not often enough.  But, I’ve got other things to worry about than whether I’ve shaved my legs during the winter.  I never wear shorts and I wear tights under my skirts.  And, my hair grows really slow.  So usually I can go a few weeks before shaving again.

2. Valentine's Day cards for your spouse: funny or romantic?
I like the funny ones.  Although, the romantic ones make me laugh too.

3. What are you most looking forward to about spring?
I’m looking forward to longer days.  I hate walking to the train after work in the dark.  It makes me nervous.  And I’m looking forward to sunny days.  We’ve had some sun this winter but it’s dark, dreary, and cold days like today that make me long for spring.

4. What's your favorite way to pamper yourself?
Honestly, I love just taking a long nap.  I don’t have to spend any money and I can relax and forget about my troubles for a while.

5. Does your tax return go into savings or do you spend it instantly?
We try to save it.  We don’t plan any family trips or splurge on cool things.  We don’t have a lot of money so every little bit is used for living expenses.

Happy Friday!

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