Monday, January 16, 2012

Unnecessary Indulgences

I don’t often splurge on things that are strictly wants.  I’ve said this before but being married to a law student doesn’t allow us to have a lot of money for indulgences.  As hard as it is at times, it’s been good for us too.  We have started to think twice before we buy anything that we don’t need.  Since I’ve been married, I’ve been cured of my impulsive shopping cravings.  Anything we do buy, we make sure it will last for a long time.  We’ve gotten used to this.  It’s not a big deal.  We’ve learned to use everything we have until it wears out.  We’ve learned some valuable skills that will pay off even after D graduates and we start earning a decent income.

But sometimes we get the urge to indulge in things we don’t need.  And sometimes we give in to those urges.  Like when we went to Target on Saturday.  We needed to pick up a few supplies for our apartment.  While D was talking to the guy in the electronics section about what watch battery he needed, I went to grab a new shower curtain.  I passed the DVD section on my way back and decided to browse through just for kicks.  Let me say this… I DID NOT intend to buy anything.  But I did.  And I don’t regret it.

We are now the proud owners of:
That’s right, the first four seasons of JAG!

They were being sold in packs of two and they were on sale!

I was never really interested in the content of this show growing up but I have fond memories watching it with my dad on weeknights while it was on air.  And now that I am married to a wannabe JAG, I thought it was the perfect time to get back into this show.  It has been fun for us to be able to watch the episodes together.  
*Note: This is not a sponsored post.  I’m just excited that I found this show on sale.


wHiT said...

Great find! :)

Linda Condie said...

Your dad will be right over. :)

Semper Wifey said...

Woo hoo! :)

Thanks for linking up at Military Monday! :)

Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

You'll have to post whether you recommend the series--I was never interested in watching it growing up either, but things change when you're older :). Great find!

kelsey said...

Hello my name is Kelsey, I am a girlfriend of a U.S. Sailor and so much more! Looking for new friends/ support system. <3
Sometimes you have to spend some money on yourself. Good for the soul :]

Sarah said...

I have always been the same way about not buying things I don't need. Christopher on the other hand is not! It's been interesting to work out our two different ways of spending (or not spending) money since we got married!