Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two Years

Two years ago yesterday, D was sworn into the National Guard.  It’s fun to think about how our lives have changed since then.  Back then, we weren’t married.  In fact, I had told D the night before he enlisted that I wanted to take a break from our relationship to figure out what I wanted from it.

However, here we are, two years later.  We are married.  D is in law school, studying to become a JAG.  He will hopefully contract with the ROTC officially in a few months.  I have become a lot more comfortable in my role as a military wife.  Something that was difficult for me at first has become something that I am proud of.

I’m proud of D for all his hard work.  I am proud of and I support him in his desire to serve his country.  I love him for it.  I look forward to another two years and more of this life as a military family.

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