Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Question Friday

Well, my friends, it is 4:12 in the morning and insomnia is raging rampant again.  If you haven’t read about my relatively new discovery of it, you can by going here.  I was feeling rather tired and cranky yesterday morning so I thought it was all in good judgment to spare Hubby from my sarcasm and attitude and lay down for a few minutes.  Just for a few minutes.  Well, a few minutes turned into an hour and now here I am having a party for one in my living room.  So I thought I’d be a little productive and get this blog post up a done earlier than normal.

Thanks to Mama M for another great Five question Friday.

1. What's the best Christmas present you've ever received?
This is a really hard one for me.  I’ve received a lot of gifts over the years and don’t really remember any of them.  My parents did give me an iPod a few years ago that I still love and use so I guess I’ll say that that is the best Christmas gift I’ve received.  Plus, it’s pink.  That’s gotta count for something.

2. Worst/Funniest White Elephant gift ever received?
My English class when I was a senior in college had a white elephant gift exchange one of our last days of class and I got a plastic squeaky dog toy.  It was funny and annoying at the same time.  I brought it home and somehow it always ended up on the floor in the middle of the hallway in my apartment waiting for people to step on it and make it squeak.  I’m not entirely sure why I or one of my roommates didn’t throw it away the first time we stepped on it.
3. Is your Christmas tree plain and simple (white lights and matching ornaments) or is it wild and crazy (colored lights with lots of ornaments collected over the years)?
Right now it’s plain and simple with white lights and very few ornaments.  I’m hoping that eventually it will turn into wild and crazy over the years.  I grew up with colored lights and in my opinion, that’s the only way to go but I’m going to have to do a lot of persuading to get my traditional husband to go along with that one.

4. "How" do you iron your clothes? The old fashioned iron/ironing board way, the shower, back in the dryer, etc.
This is somewhat embarrassing for me to admit but I hardly ever iron my clothes.  Only if they are really bad will I worry about it.  I figure that the wrinkles will either fall out by themselves or my clothes will wrinkle when I sit down anyway so I hardly ever bother with it.  But when I do iron them, I use the good old iron.

5. How much baking do you do for Christmas and what are your "must make" items?
I love to bake but I don’t do much baking for Christmas.  We may not even get our Christmas cards out again this year.  Because I can be easily stressed any time of the year but especially at Christmas time, Hubby and I have decided to keep our Christmas simple and not get too carried away with the busyness of the season.  But we do like to bake some Christmas goodies for ourselves.  In fact, we’re planning on making some cookies tonight for date night.

On a side note, fudge is my favorite Christmas goodie.

That’s it, my friends.  If you want to join the fun, head on over to MyLittle Life and link up.  I’m going to try and get a little shut eye.


Hannah said...

I grew up with colored lights too :) I was able to convince my hubby that they are the best LOL so now we have a crazy random ornament tree with colored lights, and I love it! Someday when my boys are big I will have one of those perfect trees (maybe). Happy Friday!

Jamie said...

I don't iron anything either but my husband irons everything he wears. It's so annoying.

Nic and Marianne said...

Ha I believe I took your annoying squeak toy for my family white elephant gift exchange! Ha I forgot about that. It was quite the annoying hit!