Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dates to Remember

One thing that many people don't know about me is that I love dates.  I'm not talking about the kind where my husband and I go out together and spend time together and create memories.  Although, I love those dates, too.  I'm talking about dates on the calendar that mean something to me.  We were that couple that celebrated monthiversaries the entire first year of our marriage.  I might not remember someone's name the first time I meet them, but I will often remember their birthdays when they tell them to me.  That might sound weird but there is a purpose to it.  I like to make people feel special and important on their birthdays.

Anyway, this weekend is full of dates I want to remember.  A year ago, today, my husband graduated from AIT at Fort Sill.  I was so proud of him for working so hard and I am still so proud of him exactly a year later for everything that he continues to do, military and non-military related.  Unfortunately, as poor college students, our bank account was still recovering from the trip I took to Fort Jackson to see him graduate from BCT six weeks earlier, so I was not able to attend.  But a missionary couple from our church in the area was so nice and offered to attend the ceremony and take some pictures for me.

I want to remember the next day, September 18, because it was the day he finally got to come home.  He was gone for exactly four months.  It was a difficult four months for me because I was new to the military lifestyle and it was the first time we had been separated for more than a couple days since we had started dating.  I was so excited for him to get home so we could finally start our marriage together but I was also a little nervous for the transition.  I think Murphy knew something exciting was happening because he picked the day before to have my breaks in my car go out.  So I had to ask my friend to drive me to the airport to pick up my husband.  (I don't have any pictures of that day because I was so excited that I forgot my camera.)

The last date to remember (at least for this post) is September 19th.  It is our two year anniversary of meeting.  It's hard to believe that we've only known each other for two years.  I feel like I've known him forever.  It's hard to picture my life before he was in it.  It's been a fabulous two years and I'm looking forward to many more!

I don't have any pictures of our first date, but here is a picture of one of our early dates.

...Until next time!

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