Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: Success

 Thursday Thoughts
To me, the meaning of success has evolved a lot since I was younger.  As a young girl (and even as a shallow teenager) to be successful would mean that I'd have a college education with a masters degree or higher.  I'd be married to a rich doctor and have a few kids.  We'd live in a big house with a dog and maybe a cat.  And we'd have a maid to do the dishes and laundry.  I would be Supermom.  I'd be able to juggle cooking fabulous meals and having dinner on the table right as my husband walks in the door, taking the kids to all their activities, keeping my home immaculate, and doing awesome projects for that home.

Now I look back on that definition of success and laugh.  It's shallow and so not who I am.  I'm not crafty, even if I try to be.  Right now, my husband is lucky if dinner is even started when he gets home.  My apartment is a mess because my baby has trouble napping during the day.  My husband is far from being a doctor.  He's a law student so we're living off student loans and a meager paycheck.  And that large house?  I traded it for a 600-square foot apartment.

But, I've never been happier.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Except for maybe the house.  I'd love to have my own house.

But for now, as long as my family is happy and healthy, and our needs are met, I'd call that success.


Jen said...

I love your definition of success! It makes me smile. :)

Brianna Koch said...

I know, crazy how life is never what we thought it would be. I also wouldn't change it :) Found you on Military blog site. Would appreciate it much if you could come follow my blog if you like it. Im folling you by email because GFC isn't working right now. Thanks MUCH. Brianna