Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Conversation of the Day

So in our house, when it comes to cooking, I'm usually in charge of dinner (unless I'm not feeling well and then D is gracious enough to step in and take over).  D wakes up early every morning to work out before school so after his workout, he usually makes breakfast for both of us so I can get a few extra minutes of sleep.

This morning, D was up making breakfast when I stumbled out of bed (I am not a morning person by any definition).  He was also loading the dishwasher with the dishes in the sink.  It was pretty full because yesterday was my day with my nephew so I didn't get home in time to do the dishes and make dinner.  So, evidently, we didn't have any clean forks.  This is the conversation that followed.

D: We don't have any clean forks.  How would you feel about eating your eggs with a spoon?

Me (laying on the couch, still waking up): I can't eat eggs with a spoon.  The spoon changes the flavor of the eggs.

D (sighing): Ok, I'll wash a fork for you.

D started talking about something else.

When he brought me my eggs with a fork, he smiled and said: Spoons don't change the flavor of the food you're eating.

I just looked up at him and smiled mischievously as I took the plate.

I love him so much!

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Jen said...

Haha that is too cute and definitely something I would say as well. :)