Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Guess What?!

I have been a terrible blogger.  At first, I didn't have anything to write about so I didn't.  Then, I had some big news I wanted to share but couldn't so I just decided to take a hiatus from blogging.  But I'm back and ready to share our awesome news!

I originally was not planning on announcing it like this.  I debated on whether to come up with some creative way to announce our big news or just keep it to ourselves and a few select people until later on, but things do not always go as we plan them.

So... here it is....

Our little one at 8 weeks 2 days. We saw him/her again at 11 weeks 1 day but didn't get a copy to take home.

We were completely ecstatic but totally shocked when we found out.  After the heartbreak of September when I was so sure we were pregnant but weren't, I was very doubtful in October that it would happen that cycle.  But it did and we couldn't be happier!  And when I get over the morning sickness, I'll be even more excited.  Speaking of morning sickness, whoever came up with that name should be punched in the face.  It's more like morning, noon, night and all the times in between sickness.  At least that has been my experience.

I shouldn't complain.  I know there are women who have it way worse than I do.  I've been queasy since about seven weeks and throwing up once or twice a week at most since eight weeks.  However, when I hit ten weeks?  Just plain awful.  I blame myself actually... I remember one day last week, while leaning over the toilet, I thought "well, at least I haven't had to go to the hospital..." I can no longer say that.

It all came to a horrible climax last Thursday when I couldn't keep anything down.  I didn't think much of it at first since it's normal for me to have a day where I can't eat much.  I assumed it would get better the next day like always.  But then it was the same on Friday and then on Saturday and on Sunday too.  By Monday morning, I could hardly stand on my own and I felt weak and dizzy and all I wanted to do was sleep.  D called my OB who told me to go to the Emergency Room to get an IV.

Since our car is currently out of commission, we weren't sure how to get there since the hospital is in a neighboring suburb.  Luckily, my sister, who volunteers at a museum close to our apartment, was able to come pick us up on her way home from her shift and take us to the hospital which is close to her house.

After waiting a little over an hour in the waiting room (which I realize is not that long for the ER but was still annoying since I felt so sick the whole time) I was taken to a room.  We were able to see our little peanut on the ultrasound for the second time.  It was so awesome being able to see how much s/he grew since the last ultrasound three weeks before.  And, it even looked like our baby was waving at us as if to say "I know you're watching me right now and I want to tell you I love you!"  It was the sweetest moment of this pregnancy so far and it brought tears to my eyes (although I must admit, I've done a lot of crying in the last few days...)  It definitely made all the discomfort of last weekend worth it.

After the ultrasound, I was hooked up to an IV, blood pressure cuff and a heart rate monitor and given Zofran for the nausea.  We waited there for three hours for my body to rehydrate while four different doctors and nurses came in to check on me every once in a while and run some tests.  I was amazed at how quickly I started to feel better.  I could almost feel the fluids running through my veins making everything better.  And it was actually kind of nice to be able to just be there with D and nothing to do but talk.  He's been so busy with finals coming up and I've been so sick and sleeping most of the time so we haven't talked much in the past few weeks.  To have that time to reconnect was definitely a blessing.

Three hours later, the nurse came in with crackers and a cup of ice water telling me that if I could keep the crackers down, I would be free to go.  Feeling much better, I slowly ate the crackers and sipped water and left shortly after with a prescription for Zofran.  My sister's husband and daughter came and picked us up and we were able to sleep at their house since I had my normal OB appointment early this morning at the same place.

So, that was my weekend.  Today, I've felt so much better.  I was able to go to my niece's ballet class this morning and take her to preschool.  It's been so good to finally get out of the apartment.  It's been awhile since I've seen the outside world.  And, I've been able to eat.  Not huge amounts at a time but I've snacked on crackers and cashews and smoothies and even a chicken nugget off D's plate (that's what you eat when you eat lunch with a four and two year old who love dinosaur chicken nuggets). 

Hopefully from now on, I'll be able to stay out of the hospital but, at least I know that I can get relief if I need it.

We're so excited to be a family of three in June!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! That's so exciting! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes more smoothly.

Shelley and Eric said...

That is so exciting Allison! So happy for you guys, I know you guys have been wanting/praying for this for awhile. Our babies will be just 6 months apart :) I hope you start feeling better soon!

Miriam said...

congratulations!! Heard from Travis. We are so excited for you :)

Sue said...

I'm so excited for you! I've made 2 pregnant hospital trips now, both times I felt like I was overreacting but it turned out it was a good thing I went in :) Take care of yourself! I can't wait to hear more.