Monday, January 2, 2012

Bring on 2012!

I am back from my blogging break.  It was a good week for me with lots of family and fun.  I will blog more about what I’ve been up to later in the week.  It was nice to be almost completely unplugged for that time.  But I also missed this blog.  It’s become important to me in the few months of its existence.  I sometimes found myself wondering if I could squeeze in a short blog post between tourist attractions.  But the truth is, there just wasn’t time.  But I’m glad to be back.

I spent the last week of 2011 with my wonderful parents and my sister and her family.  We had a wonderful Christmas together and an action packed week.  New Year’s Eve was a nice, quiet evening for us.  In fact, Hubby and I didn’t even stay awake until midnight.  We rang in the new year at 8:30 pm with my three year old niece before she went to bed.

To be honest, 2011 was not my year.  I had set an important goal I wanted to accomplish but did not (and it is still not close to coming to fruition.)  We moved to a bigger city and it took a long time to adjust- the city is still, at times, big and lonely to me.  2011 was filled with financial problems, ROTC problems and unit problems and to be honest, it was hard for me to see the good amongst the bad.  So after the year we’ve had, I was more than happy to see 2011 go.

This year, I have set just a few goals for myself.  Mainly, I am going to learn to be happy amidst the trials in my life.  I want to smile in the midst of struggle.  I want to focus on meeting other’s needs instead of on where I fall short.  I am going to learn to let things go and to not worry about the things that I can’t change but instead work on the things I can change.  I’m going to put myself out there and make new friends.  I’m going to be a more supportive wife than I have been in the past.  I’m not going to complain as much.  And I’m not going to let my negative side take over.

Those are my goals for this year.  I will always have trials.  Something will always go wrong.  I realize I can’t change that.  But I can change the way I face those struggles.  I can change my attitude.  And that’s what I’m going to work on this year.

So bring on 2012!  I’m ready!

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