Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Unit Christmas Party

This last Saturday was Hubby’s unit Christmas party for the families.  To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it.  In fact, I was dreading it.  You see, last year, that party was not very fun for me.  Hubby was the new guy in the unit and therefore, I was the new wife.  It was awkward for me… especially when all the soldiers were given the task of watching the kids while the wives sat in a meeting about the FRG.  I usually don’t have a hard time making friends.  But I am somewhat reserved and quiet when I first meet people.  And it’s intimidating when all the other wives already have their established group.  So instead of introducing myself to people, I just sat by myself.  I made a few attempts of talking to people and was rewarded with a few weird glances and some cold shoulders.  It was like people were thinking who is this girl and why is she talking to me?  So for the rest of the meeting I kept my mouth shut.  It's no wonder that after last year’s experience, I was not excited for Saturday.

It started out pretty rocky.  Once again, Hubby was one of the newer guys in the unit.  We moved here in June but he wasn’t placed in this unit until September.  On top of that, because of some miscommunications, Hubby showed up to the party in civilian clothes when everyone else (with the exception of a few other guys) was in ACUs.  I’ve been extra emotional lately for some reason anyway so I was pretty much in tears worrying that he would be in big trouble.  He wasn’t but after seeing everyone else in ACUs, I fully intended on spending the whole three hours sitting in the car despite the heater being broken.  Hubby forced me out of the car and into the building and I’m actually glad he did.

It’s not like we did anything special.  We listened to the commander talk about the unit and introduce some people and we ate lunch.  And that’s pretty much it.  But I was able to meet some of the guys Hubby trains with and they were all really nice.  And I met some wives, girlfriends, and fiancés of some of the guys as well.  Being a guard family, we don’t live near a base so we don’t have the support of being close to other military families.  It was nice for me to be able to talk to other military wives and get to know them.

Overall, I’m glad I went.  I would have been missing out if I had stayed in the car.  At least by going, I wasn’t freezing in the car and I was able to meet some pretty cool people.

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