Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Supporting My Soldier

I’ve realized in the last year and a half that being married to a soldier is not always easy.  Especially in the last few months, my patience has been stretched to the limit.  Sometimes I forget why we’re doing this.  Sometimes I complain and wish we didn’t have to deal with the military.  Sometimes I wish Hubby would just quit the ROTC (since the date he’s supposed to contract has been pushed back multiple times) and finish up his enlistment and get out.  Sometimes I worry about the future.  I worry that he’s not going to fulfill his dream of being a JAG.  Sometimes I worry he’ll be sent on deployment and never make it back.  I get so worried that sometimes I even cry.

But then I remember why we’re doing this.  I remember how much Hubby loves what he does.  I remember how proud he is to be serving his country.  I remember how selfless he is because everything he does is for our family.  And that makes it worth it.  Knowing that Hubby wants to be in the military- and is not doing it for the educational benefits- makes me want to support him even when times are hard.

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