Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wrapping Up Halloween and Moving On to Thanksgiving

I like Halloween.  Correction… I like the fun aspect of Halloween.  I don’t do scary costumes and decorations or horror movies.  Halloween at our house is fun and kid-friendly (even though we don’t have kids.)  We have fun costumes (if we dress up at all), fun decorations, and fun movies like Hocus Pocus.

Here are some things we did this Halloween:

 I made these lanterns.  Cute?  You can make them too.  For instructions, go here.

Remember when I said that I would post pictures of my Halloween costume for my school party this week?  Well, there won’t be any pictures.  I did dress up but my costume really wasn’t as cool as it sounded in my head.  So instead, here’s a picture of Hubby and I at our church Halloween party on Saturday.

But even though I do like Halloween, I am always glad to say goodbye to Halloween, put the decorations back into the box and move on to November.  November is my favorite month for three reasons:

1. My birthday
2. Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving dinner (where goals of moderation in all things goes out the window)
3. The whole month is devoted to recognizing things you are grateful for

In order to acknowledge things that make Hubby and me grateful, we have a tradition in our house every November.  Allow me to introduce the Gratitude Turkey.

(There aren't any feathers because I just put it up this morning)
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday right after dinner (or sometime before bed if someone is home late) we write something we are grateful for on a feather and tape it onto the turkey.  That way, by Thanksgiving, we will have a full turkey of things that make us grateful.

What are special traditions you have to celebrate Thanksgiving?

What are some things you are grateful for?