Monday, November 21, 2011

Military Monday

In today’s Military Monday post Cat at 5 Nuts in a Nutshell followed up on the ROTC ball that she went to this past weekend.  She mentioned that when they were getting ready to go, her husband couldn’t find his bowtie.  She also mentioned that if he would be “out of uniform” if they were to go without his bowtie, which is true.  To read the rest of her post, go here.

While I was reading her post, I was reminded of an experience Hubby told me about while talking on the phone while he was in AIT.  Hubby works extremely hard in everything he does.  He worked especially hard while he was in BCT and AIT so that he wouldn’t run the risk of not graduating and having to start over again.  Because of his hard work and probably because of the fact that he was older and more mature and responsible than many of the other guys in his platoon, his chiefs liked him.  They appointed him to be platoon guide (PG) one morning after PT.  He got a special patch to put on his ACUs so everyone would know that he was PG.

Then, the platoon went up to shower and change into their ACUs and went back downstairs for formation.  Hubby was sporting his new patch.  Until his chief noticed he was missing a different patch he was supposed to have on his uniform.  After a swear word laden lecture about him being “out of uniform” his new position was taken away and he had to do pushups before he was able to go upstairs and get his patch.  So he was PG for a whole hour only.
If I were a nice wife, I would have told him how horrible that was and how he was still PG in my eyes.  But apparently I’m not a nice wife because what did I do?  I laughed.  I laughed a lot.  It just proved to me that he may have been more responsible than most of the guys in his platoon but he was still the cute, scatterbrained husband that I love so much.
That’s my “out of uniform” story.  Do you have one of your own?  Or maybe you have some good military ball stories or pictures.  Head on over to 5 Nuts in a Nutshell to join Military Monday.


Cat said...

Lol, I laugh at my husband's blunders sometimes too... well, actually most of the time.

One time he forgot his boots... how do you forget your boots? It's like forgetting your pants! Another time, he lost his rank patches... but luckily, he had some digital camo duct tape and a sharpie. No one even noticed that his rank was drawn on!!

Allison said...

My husband's forgotten his boots too! Luckily, he had time between PT and class to come home and get them.

That's hilarious that he drew his rank on. And even more hilarious that no one noticed.