Monday, November 14, 2011

Military Monday: Military Balls

Aw, the military ball.  What girl doesn’t like to get dolled up and wear a fancy dress for a night?  Military balls are a perfect opportunity for military wives to dress up and be a princess for a night.  Unfortunately, I have never been to one.  Do I want to go to one, heck yes!  Hubby’s unit in Utah never had balls… or any family functions aside from the Christmas party for that matter.  But guess what?!  Hubby’s new unit is having a Christmas ball NEXT MONTH!

Unfortunately for this girl, Hubby’s high tuition costs mixed with living in a big, expensive city means we have no money for a dress, no money to stay at the expensive resort where the ball will be held, and no money for the dinner.  So I guess this Cinderella will be stuck home sweeping out the fireplace… or, since we have no fireplace, maybe sitting in front of the TV eating a delicious, unhealthy treat.

BUT, there’s good news!  Hubby is in the ROTC and the National Guard.  This means, there will be plenty more opportunities to attend military balls.  And by the time the next one rolls around, you can be sure that we will be there.


Suzanne @ All Because Two People Fell in Love said...

Don't feel bad, I've never been to one either. It seems like whenever the Air Force's yearly ball comes up on base, we always have something else planned where plans can't be changed. One of these days hopefully I will get to one. It's always something though, this past weekend we were supposed to attend a gala and unfortunately traffic had it out for us (well really the idiotic criminals that decided to go on a high speed chase and wreck into a tractor trailer). We were all dolled up and didn't get to make it. So now I guess Im just gonna be saving that dress for another event. Do you know any other spouses that might have a dress that they could allow you to borrow? Maybe that's always an option.

Cat said...

My husband's unit here doesn't have one either. His old one did, but you were required to wear dress blues, and we can't afford those right now, so we couldn't go.

It drives me crazy that they would hold them in expensive places where you had to fork out the big bucks to attend. Most of the guys in a unit can't afford that... sounds super rude to me!

I have been saving up for almost 3 years to get to have a nice dress for this some day. And I will probably wear the same dress to every ball I go to for the rest of my life lol!